MegaWatt is an educational card game aimed at secondary school children.

In MegaWatt, 3-5 players compete against each other to build the grid with the most generating capacity. Seven electricity generating technologies are featured: biomass, coal, gas, hydropower, nuclear, solar and wind.

During the game the players' grids come under attack from the environmental, political and economic impacts of climate change - severe winter storms, power cuts, tougher environmental legislation, and more.

The player with the most resilient and balanced grid wins.


Players learn about a range of topics across STEM subjects:

  • Electricity generation methods, their cost, environmental impact and their benefits/drawbacks;

  • Future technology and mitigation concepts, e.g. carbon capture and storage and advanced nuclear reactors;

  • Effects of climate change and likely impact on reliable, clean energy sources.

Additional resources are being developed to allow teachers to build upon the educational aspects of the card game in line with the Key Stage 3-4 curriculum.



CurieUs Games is a group of eight STEM graduates in the energy industry, passionate about education, energy and the environment.

We believe learning should be fun and engaging. By creating the game, teachers and players alike can learn about energy generation and its effects on this planet.


The game is designed to make players consider how best to create an energy mix, and the pitfalls that every country faces in the 21st century; how to make as much affordable and clean electricity as possible.


Such compromises are routinely faced in our line of work, and we hope this game will pave the way for students to enter the STEM disciplines and careers that we have found ourselves a part of.


We work in partnership with businesses and schools to deliver creative, fun and engaging educational resources to teach about important and topical subjects. Our card game will teach players about environmental, technological and political aspects of energy generation in the 21st Century. Find out more about how to get involved, as a business or a teacher.


“It is a very useful tool to help pupils understand comparable costs, impacts and problems of the different types of energy.” 


CurieUs Games

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