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We want to partner with businesses and organisations to bring MegaWatt to classrooms across the UK. Developing STEM skills and an interest in the energy industry is vital for the future of your business.

When partnering with us we provide a resource and a framework for you to run outreach programmes with local schools and other organisations.

Delivery Model

Step 1. Form and use relationships with educational organisations and other partnerships in your local area.


Step 2. Supply these organisations with decks of MegaWatt, sponsored by you, and run training sessions for teachers and other users. During these sessions, users will learn how to play the game, and how it can help to deliver lessons in a classroom.


Step 3. Support the use of MegaWatt in the classroom with additional resources, whilst measuring use and the long-term impact that MegaWatt has on skills and knowledge.


Establish strong links between your business and local schools, increasing visibility of your business in the local area.


Support the development of a future skilled workforce by inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, which will improve your future capability in areas that need STEM skills and an interest in energy to thrive.

MegaWatt can also be used as a tool to meet the Gatsby benchmarks for careers guidance.



Our sponsorship packages are bespoke; we've provided some examples of how MegaWatt can be used in schools. Please get in touch to discuss the options.

Each classroom pack of MegaWatt contains 10 decks.


10 - 24 classrooms

We will provide teachers with MegaWatt, including training and ongoing support.


25 - 49 classrooms

Everything included in the MegaWatt package, plus company branding and the option to run an extended training with custom content.


50+ classrooms

Everything included in the GigaWatt package, plus extended training with custom content and the option to work on further engagement with schools.

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