Current-day technologies, futuristic upgrades, a changing climate, and interfering actions from other players! MegaWatt is a card game that challenges you to solve the problem of supplying sustainable energy. Can you build the best grid?

£20 per MegaWatt

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Players: 3-5    |    Ages: 11+       Time: 30+ min

7 Technologies

Use technology cards to build your grid. Each technology has a power capacity, a cost, and an environmental impact; it's your job to balance the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.

Available technologies: Biomass, Coal, Gas, Hydro, Nuclear, Solar, Wind.

5 Upgrades

Use upgrade cards to unleash the full potential of technologies in your grid. You could build some bigger wind turbines offshore, or take advantage of carbon capture and storage to reduce your environmental impact.

Available upgrades: Advanced Modular Reactors, Carbon Capture and Storage, Concentrated Solar Power, Energy Storage, Offshore Wind.

Climate and Action Cards

Climate cards are based on real-world events; events can have a positive or a negative effect on your grid. There are 17 climate cards, so every game will be different! Building a diverse grid with a low environmental impact is a good strategy to prepare.


Action cards are used to boost your playing options, or to disrupt an opponent's grid. There are 5 different types of actions in the game. Use your action cards wisely.


MegaWatt Instructions

Watch the instructional video below to see Miguel demonstrate how to play MegaWatt, or have a read through the instructional leaflet.

Learning Resources

See how the challenges of building the best grid in MegaWatt are just as relevant to the real world.

MegaWatt Instructions
Image by Francesco Gallarotti

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