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Blackwood Road

Workington, Cumbria

CA14 4JW​​

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CurieUs Games Ltd is a company limited by shares and registered in England and Wales with registered number 12166476.


Electrical Engineer

Project Manager

Brendan has an interest in International Development and Education; having spent time at University volunteering for Students for Malawi.


Mechanical Engineer


Asheesh is excited by the unique challenge of setting up and running a business, as it gives him the opportunity to make impactful decisions as an individual as well as in a team.


Environmental Scientist


Yasmin is passionate about climate change and education- and in particular, encouraging girls into STEM subjects and careers. The game will align with both of those things, making it an exciting challenge.


Radiation Protection


Rahil believes that true and systemic change is only achieved through education of the youth. He believes CurieUs Games will give him the chance to provide resources to educate on pressing and current issues.



Team Leader

As a lover of the natural world, Jack is passionate about preserving and respecting the environment and educating others to do the same.


Mechanical Engineer

Design Team

Miguel has always been interested in low carbon energy, leading him to pursue a career in this field. He is optimistic about the impact of the game.


Mechanical Engineer

Design Team

Ciaran believes education is where the game will have the most impact. Even if children do not pursue STEM careers, it will at least make them more responsible citizens.



Design Team

Rowan believes it is essential to learn about the importance of being agents for change from a young age. Believing you can have an impact no matter how young is vital to combating global issues.