Further Learning

We offer more than just a game. We have developed additional resources and lesson plans to support the delivery of MegaWatt in classrooms.


We work closely with educational providers to train teachers on how to use MegaWatt effectively across subjects and Key Stages; MegaWatt can be embedded within the existing curriculum. 

The Big Picture

Playing MegaWatt is a great way to develop a range of skills that are essential to STEM subjects, whilst building up an understanding of problems as a whole.

Topics covered include electrical power generation technologies, and associated factors of cost, environmental impact, and relative advantages and disadvantages when used as part of an energy system.

Future technologies like carbon capture and storage, and advanced nuclear reactors, are introduced; possible effects of climate change and the potential impacts on a sustainable energy system are explored.

A key takeaway is that the performance of the overall system is what matters; this could be achieved with a range of solutions, and not every technology will be useful in every scenario.

Technology Facts

Discover how different energy technologies work, and what trade-offs have to be made when building an energy system.

Country Studies

Learn why the best grid might not be the same in different countries. Energy use, geography and natural resources, technical capability, and politics are all factors that need to be considered.


World Events

The world in which your grid exists is always changing. Using this resource will help you to explore how a changing climate, the influence of countries, and developments in industry, all come in to play.


1 game.

10 trees.

Every deck of MegaWatt bought will plant at least 10 trees.