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Our Philosophy

As a business we work to the triple bottom line, which means that we don't just measure success based on money. How we affect people, and how we impact on the planet and the environment, are key pillars to how we work.


It is essential that we are sustainable as we grow.


Our Charity Partner

Eden Projects does vital work on reforesting areas of the world which have seen mass habitat destruction. Every game you buy helps Eden Projects to plant trees around the world. Thank you!

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Inspiring People

MegaWatt aims to inspire curiosity about energy supply and the effects of climate change.


Technology, economics, politics, people, and the environment cannot be thought of as separate disciplines; there are many challenges that will have to be overcome by future generations to realise sustainable energy for a growing world population.


We use trees, sparingly.

MegaWatt is a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified product, which means that each deck is manufactured with materials from well-managed forests and / or recycled sources. Look out for the FSC label on the back of the deck.

We've also tried to minimise the use of plastic where possible. Your deck(s) of MegaWatt will arrive in a recyclable box with biodegradable filling. If you can't reuse it, please dispose of it accordingly.

1 game.

10 trees.

Every deck of MegaWatt bought will plant at least 10 trees.